About Nearer to Zero

Planning authorities and house builders face unprecedented challenges as the 2016 deadline for zero carbon housing moves closer.

Rapid progress is required to deliver innovation in planning, design and construction, with collaboration between the planning and development professions crucial. A new vocabulary with a common understanding and approach to concepts such as ‘carbon compliance’, ‘decentralised energy’ and ‘allowable solutions’ must be adopted for the zero carbon home to become reality.

nearer_to_zeroThe first Nearer to Zero conference was held in 2010 and brought together over 100 planners and house builders to focus on the challenges of delivering affordable zero carbon homes. In workshops and panel sessions delegates highlighted their concerns about the technical and financial challenges of delivering zero carbon housing, the need for more clearly defined standards and more joined- up regulatory regimes and the impacts of planning reform.

Nearer to Zero will build on this dialogue and provide the opportunity to hear from senior figures in DCLG, industry and local government on the steps that must be taken to bring new housing nearer to zero carbon.