Nearer to Zero: East Midlands

In the Spring Budget, the government restated its commitment to zero carbon development. However, planning and house building continue to face big challenges as the 2016 deadline moves closer and a number of key questions remain:kingpower

  • What are the main elements comprising the zero carbon definition?
  • How can partners work more closely in meeting the requirements for zero carbon new homes?
  • How will the East Midlands region achieve the widespread distribution of zero carbon homes from 2016?

Nearer to Zero brings together planners, house builders and professionals from other housing sector related disciplines to explore opportunities for closer collaboration to achieve zero carbon new homes. With 2016 just three years away, the focus of this conference is on the steps that need to be taken to ensure zero carbon housing policy moves from ambition to reality.

The Zero Carbon Hub is pleased to announce that Leicestershire and Northamptonshire County Councils, in conjunction with Climate East Midlands, will be hosting the next event at the King Power Stadium, Leicester on the 3rd July 2013.

The Speakers

Nearer to Zero: East Midlands 2013 will bring together professionals from the house building and local planning sectors to find consensus on the steps they must take towards achieving the government’s ambitions for zero carbon new housing.